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A completely new computing platform is on the horizon. They're called Microservers by some, ARM Servers by others, and sometimes even ARM-based Servers. No matter what you call them, Microservers will have a huge impact on the data center and on server computing in general. What Is a Microserver...and What Isn't Although few people are familiar with Microservers today, their impact will be felt very soon. This is a new category of computing platform that is available today and is predicted to have triple-digit growth rates for some years to come - growing to over 20% of the server market by 2016 according to Oppenheimer ("Cloudy With A Chance of ARM" Oppenheimer Equity Research Industry Report). According to Chris Piedmonte, CEO of Suvola Corporation - a software and services company focused on creating preconfigured and scalable Microserver appliances for deployin... (more)

Internet of Things and Wearables in 2015 By @SoftwareHollis | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

Wearables - Will 2015 Be the Year They Take Off? Luxury Swiss watchmaker Mont Blanc shows off their "smart watch band" for your fussy $5000 mechanical watch - what an potentially foreshadowing development in the wearable market.  To date, wearables have been such a disappointment in the market.  It seems like every year for the past 3 years has been "the year Apple might ship an iWatch", and the market is rife with ugly and semi-functional wearable devices that rarely manage more than a 3-star rating on Amazon. Will 2015 be any different? When the first generation of smart watch... (more)

Netflix: Terror at the Top?

Background Yesterday I wrote of Netflix’s arrogance, their apparent disregard for the needs and priorities of their customer base, and their seemingly bizarre obsession with unnecessarily making their own problems (i.e., a changing shift in technology and market demand from physical media to streaming media) a problem for their customers by forcing two websites, two billing systems, and a 60% price increase on them. A Customer Respect Issue? Except for the 60% price increase, nearly everything that Netflix needed or wanted to do could have been done more or less transparently to t... (more)

Story of a 'Bad' Category - Gartner's iPaaS for Cloud and SaaS Integration

"Categories" are supposed to help. But sometimes they hurt. When they help, they reduce confusion. When they hurt, they cause confusion - and I refer to them as "bad categories". Creating good or useful categories is one of those Best Practices that is high on my list of important things. Good Categories - a Great Thing When properly applied, categories help us mentally organize otherwise difficult, unfamiliar, new, abstract and sometimes seemingly arbitrary things into various discrete buckets in a way that is useful in making decisions - for example, what kind of minivan to buy... (more)

Product Positioning – Do You Have it Backwards?

First of all, let me explode one common misconception.  Product positioning is not something you do once the product is built. Product positioning isn’t meant to be kept a secret, nicely isolated from product development, sales and the rest of the company.  It’s not static either. Product Positioning is not a Post-Processing Step That’s the secret that Apple understands so well, and one of the reason’s why they were (albeit briefly) the world’s most valuable company. Marketing does not begin once the product is finished and released.  Marketing is not just telling the world about ... (more)